fitbox POS

Free to use, our web based POS system allows you to add and sell your own products to your members. Members can pay with cash or card, or charge to their Membership Account.

Why fitbox POS?

Benefits of fitbox POS

Better Inventory Management

A POS makes it easy to keep track of the inventory your store has.

Simple Invoicing

Easy invoice management is especially important for your accounting operations.

Quick Payments

Use your existing payment solution or move to fitbox payments with Stripe terminal. Even allow your members to add the payment to their next membership paymnet.

What is fitbox POS

Customisable Point of Sale System

fitbox POS is a customisable Point of Sale System designed to make tracking your in-gym sales easier. Just $39 per month with your own payment solution or free if you use fitbox payments with one of our Stripe Terminals. And you can use your fitbox credit to pay. Like the other products in our ecosystem, fitbox POS comes integrated with all your members prepopulated in the system. You can even allow your members to put sales on their account to be billed with their next membership transaction. fitbox POS also come pre-populated with your custom apparel, FitAid products and the full Again Faster reseller range. From here just add and remove whatever products you like.